Thursday, May 15, 2008

No Time for Jet Lag

As you can see, the players didn't hesitate to shake out their understandably road-weary legs this afternoon. The players on hand went through some light running, biking and stretching in order to start regenerating their bodies before two training sessions scheduled for tomorrow.

You may also notice in the photos that the U-23s have officially become the first youth national team to get their hands on the new warm up gear, previously only worn by the Men's National Team. We were going to try to keep a secret, but wanted to prove that the guys were already preparing for next Wednesday's opening match.

Also, we admit to not knowing much of the French language, but it has to be said that we love the French word for weightlifting, "musclation". No really, that's actually the word for it. Check it out on the sign outside the door:

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