Friday, May 23, 2008

A new face for U.S. Soccer

The need to improve soccer talent in the United States, has made the U.S. Soccer Development Academy the most prestigious program in North America. Scouts, college, and league coaches visit the showcase to observe the most elite players.
University of Central Arkansas coach Clint Corzatt has managed, all levels of soccer, for more than a decade. According to Corzatt, he has attended the showcase since its initial stages and believes in the objective of the program.
" I like this event because of the level of competition and environment. Here, you see the best teams and players from across the country. We get to see teams that only play one game a day, which prevents kids from burning out."
With 62 clubs, 2,440 players, 244 coaches and more than 200 referees the development academy is making significant strides to help improve the game.
" Because the program is so young, I have not had time to recruit their players. However, I'm here for a reason and this program is going to improve soccer in country."
At the showcase, managers and scouts are facilitated with the Coaching Resource Center, giving them an opportunity to learn more about player stats and much more.

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