Friday, May 23, 2008

Family shows pride at Development Academy

The Rodriguez family has always encouraged their children to follow their dreams. Joel Rodriguez plays for Oakwood Soccer Club in Glastonbury, Connecticut, and according to him, wearing his jersey with pride was something he learned from his parents.
"I enjoy the event and can't ask for more," said Rodriguez. "My parents are here to see me and that motivates me to do well on the field, to make them proud."
During the family's visit to the Development Academy Athlete's Lounge, they showed their pride for Uncle Sam's Army. "I really like designing my United States t-shirts. We thought it was cool," said Joel's mother, Seidy Rodriguez.
"The family supports my son, and bringing him to these events not only helps him develop as a player but it brings us together as a family." The Rodriguez family agrees the event has improved each time they attend. "I just bought a bumper sticker for my car," said Joel's father, Lou Rodriguez. "I'm coming back to get a U.S. jersey with my name on the back. It's a great place to bring the family. Our son develops his skills and every time we come here it gets better and better." All participants and spectators can stop by the U.S. Soccer merchandise stand located in the Development Academy Athlete's Lounge and purchase a custom tee, jersey, and the newest national team gear.

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