Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well... the U.S. didn't get the three points against Turkey, but the second half is sure to build confidence and momentum in the team going forward in the tournament. Some post-game tibits:

-Eric Brunner's goal came in his first-ever international game
-The Olympic-bound teams are taking full advantage of the opportunity to scout each other at this tournament. The U.S. coaches were all in attendance last night as Japan beat the Netherlands, 1-0, and the technical staff of both teams were out in full force tonight.
-The match against Turkey was the only game of the tournament that all 22 U.S. players will be available.
-Dominic Cervi and Benny Feilhaber will both leave the team tomorrow and fly to London to join the Men's National Team in advance of next week's match against England.
-Benny Feilhaber left tonight's game in the 67th minute with a knee injury. He will be evaluated upon his arrival in England tomorrow.

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