Friday, May 23, 2008

Game Tidbits and Shared Space

Well, as you can see, we're sharing space here on the YNT Blog with the Development Academy Spring Showcase in Rockford, Ill. We're happy to share with those that might someday play on a Youth National Team!

Anyway, some notes from USA - Ivory Coast:
-Before the game, there was a technical problem with the anthems, which caused both teams to stand awkwardly on the field, lined up nicely, for a solid 3-4 minutes with no music playing. Eventually the teams just decided to shake hands.
-The game clock also stopped at various points in the first half, and stopped for good around the 70th minute mark.
-It seems like they make shorts big enough for some of the Ivory Coast players
-When Brek Shea temporarily left the game in the second half, it was because he had bitten a hole all the way through his right cheek! He got stitched up at the hotel after the game and is fine. He does have a pretty cool mark though his cheek.
-Italy beat Turkey in tonight's second game, 1-0, and is currently in first place in the Group and guaranteed to advance to the semifinals
-The U.S. are officially mathematically eliminated from the semifinals

So... there you have it! We will, of course, keep checking in from Toulon. In the mean time, keep up on all the Development Academy action all weekend!

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