Friday, May 23, 2008

Spring Showcase About to Kick Off!!

The final preparation for the U.S. Soccer Development Academy Spring Showcase is underway with the first games set to kick off at 9:45a.m this morning. The third Development Academy Showcase of the year is hosted in Rockford, Ill. and will be running games from today through Monday.

Here are a few statistics about what’s going on at the Spring Showcase:
3,000 players
126 teams from 63 clubs
20 national team scouts
189 games
12 hours and 45 minutes of soccer action
17 fields
100 referees
50,050 gallons in 24,000 bottles of Gatorade
5,000 pieces of fruit

We even have an Athlete’s Lounge with 12 video game consoles and 48 controllers to play EA Sports’ UEFA Euro 2008 and FIFA Street 3 games on sweet 37″ flat screen TVs.

Check back at to get results, highlights, photos, and more right here.

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