Saturday, June 28, 2008

Concorde wins Southeast, moves on to Finals

The Concorde Fire became the fifth team to clinch a conference championship when it defeated Potomac 2-0 this morning in Greensboro. The Fire assured its position at the top spot in the Southeast Conference (U-17/18), and earned a berth to Finals Week in Carson, Calif. from July 12-19.

Here are some reactions from Fire players and the Concorde head coach.

Riley Sumpter - Center Midfielder for Concorde

On clinching the Southeast Conference title
"It feels good to finally get it over with. Now we can focus on getting ready for the national finals. We looked at the standings before, so we knew we just had to play well today and we would win it."

On getting the chance to play on ESPN
"It's very exciting. I'm probably going to tell all my friends to watch me play."

On what he will do to celebrate the win
"I'll probably sleep. I don't know, maybe we'll go to a nice restaurant or something. I think we'll watch a movie tonight."

Kevan George - Center Midfielder for Concorde

On winning the conference title after leading for weeks
"It's such a relief. Midway through the season I had a feeling we were going to win it."

On what he expected this weekend
"I expected three victories. So it was about what I expected. I looked at these teams and I expected three victories only."

On playing on national television
"It's great. I'm gonna be a hometown hero again."

On playing with his teammates
"This is the closest group of players I've ever been with. Everyone is so humble. It's like I've been on a vacation even though I'm playing in the hot sun."

Gregg Blasingame - Concorde head coach

On the team's successful season
"Toward the end of the season we had a tough go with injuries and commitments. We had to play some more of the players from the U-16 team. So that was a little more of a struggle. But I think it adds character to the players."

On coaching on ESPN
"That's definitely going to be a pleasure. Im sure the kids are going to to be up and motivated. Every event has been first class. Hopefully we represent the region well."

On the Development Academy experience
"I feel terribly honored to be associated with the elite clubs in the country. I am proud to be a part of that fraternity so to speak. It's a pleasure to play great competition on great fields."

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