Saturday, June 28, 2008

It Starts Here: Gatorade, ProZone, SPARQ, Coaches, Referees...

SPARQ training provides an outlet for the players to TRAIN right and reach their protential fitness level. The Spring Showcase was used to record training scores, and this showcase provided their results and allowed them to keep track of their progress in their speed, power, agility, reaction, and quickness.

You gotta have the right MENTALITY to play your best. This U.S. Soccer store allows players to purchase U.S. Soccer and "It Starts Here" gear.

The REFEREES are getting opportunities to advance their officiating skills by working with U.S. Soccer at the Showcases, receiving guidance from referee assessors as well as mentoring from two U.S. Soccer full-time referees, Ricardo Salazar and Terry Vaughn.

You gotta make sure you're hydrating and staying HEALTHY. The Gatorade Bar provides nutritional facts about eating right and making sure to rehydrate.

ProZone helps track progress and evaluate your games so you can improve your SKILLS.

TALENT is found at the Developement Academy Showcases, and coaches like U.S. boss Bob Bradley are always watching.

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