Thursday, June 19, 2008

Marshmallow Madness

Right now we're taking a break from the madness happening in the team hotel. We have escaped from the marshmallow melee on the team floor that have seen quite a few of us take a mallow to the noggin. (Don't worry they don't hurt). We've taken refuge in the equipment room after risking our lives for the newly purchased snacks and water, and our entertaining ourselves with Mario Kart for Wii.

We think the coaches have some pent up aggression as they seem to want to throw the most marshmallows. Ironically our team psychologist Tiffany Jones is leading the attack. She and the team doctor were actually the ones who bought us the bag of the biggest marshmallows in the world from the market this afternoon.

Our Pringles are almost gone, so we're not sure how much longer we'll last. Our food rations are quickly dwindling. If the war keeps going much longer, we might have to eat Ingrid. We're going to try to sneak back to our rooms just before curfew down the back steps, but tonight is a full moon so we just hope to make it 'til morning. Make sure you watch tomorrow's MatchTracker to see if we all made it out of the equipment room alive.

Kling, Keelin, Elli, Lauren and Ingrid

p.s. This is what happens after two weeks in a hotel together.


Lefty's Lounge said...

haha Thats hilarious! I hope you ladies made it!

Davis said...

Hey, there's a youtube account called concacaf, where you can see all the games played in the tournament.

Kylie said...

Looks like you made it out of the equipment room alive...

Great job on the 9-0 win versus Cuba! I can't believe you scored on every shot you guys took...that's unbelievable!