Sunday, June 15, 2008

Only Tough on the Outside

This guy looks tough, to say the least. And they are. They are our security duty, and they started "helping" us get from Point A to Point B, which basically means to and from training. The world "helping" is in quotes because we got a little lost trying to find the right entrance to the training field, which was the same one we played on yesterday. Don't worry, we got there on time anyway, and we didn't really question the guys with the M-16 rifles.

By the end of training, the players personalities broke through the Policia's tough exterior and got some photos with both the officers and their guns.

Actually, at one point during training, some fireworks went off at the baseball stadium next to the fields, and it really sounded like one of the rifles went off. Momentary panic subsided when we realized what was going on, and normal training activities resumed.

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