Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Two Push Ups!

One of the running subplots of our time in Mexico has been the "two push up" punishment implemented by assistant coach Tom Stone on defender Nikki Marshall. Why would he single out a player? In her own words: "It's for saying or doing 'stupid' things. Like at dinner I called something chicken when it was obviously steak. Typical blonde moments I like to call them."

The "tradition" has evolved to the field as well. During one fateful training session, Tom was crossing balls in from the corner that the forwards were supposed to finish. Every time they scored, Nikki did two push ups. Every time they didn't score, Tom had to do the push ups - that's right. Nikki is fighting fire with fire.

"Today I made my penalty kick (at training)," said the defender with the now-huge arms, "and to celebrate I pranced back to top of the box. He tried to mock me by prancing, and he looked so silly that I just had to say 'Tom...' and he did two push ups."

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Kylie said...

Congrats on the 4-0 win today, way to completely control the last couple of games! Good luck at the U-20 World Cup, I'll be rootin' for ya!