Saturday, June 28, 2008

Good Morning from Greensboro (Day 2)

We're back in Greensboro for another day of exciting youth soccer.

The Development Academy Summer Showcase is off and running, and four teams have clinched berths in Finals Week by claiming their conference championships. Four spots remain up for grabs in the U-17/18 division, while all eight spots are still open in the U-15/16 ranks.

Things to look for today:

1. Clinchers - Several races became more clear (or confusing when you factor in all the extra games the Concorde Fire and Miami FC Kendall have to play), so we should see some more clinchers today. With just two games remaining on the schedule for most teams, the chances of a comeback are becoming slimmer and slimmer.

2. Tight races - There were actually some races that became much more exciting with the chips falling the right way for the underdogs. Sockers FC needed both the Fire and Magic to falter in the U-17/18 Mid America conference ... and that's exactly what happened. Now it's a three team race, with any club having a chance to win. Many other races are far from being decided, making every game important down the stretch.

3. Coaches' demonstration and SPARQ training in the athletes' lounge at 3 p.m. - Players will have an opportunity, with a break in the game schedule, to hone their skills in the lounge.

4. U-17/18 Youth National Team vs. B/W Gottschee (7 p.m.) - This is the prime time game of the night. All other games should be completed before starting time, so it's a great chance for all players, families, coaches and fans to watch some of the best young soccer players in the country.

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