Friday, June 20, 2008

That Went Well

As you can see, everyone survived the marshmallow war (and thankfully Ingrid didn't get eaten). The team accomplished what we needed to against Cuba, and now we have a tiebreaker advantage over Mexico should Sunday's match end in a tie.

The team spent the afternoon napping, recovering, getting massages... the usual post-game routine. Sydney Leroux got to spend some time with her family, who made the journey to see their favorite player today. More families are arriving tomorrow in advance of Sunday's game so everyone is excited about that.

Tonight is pretty low key, although anything seems low key compared to last night... We'll be back to the grind tomorrow in preparation for the hosts. A game that we now know will determine the Group A winner!

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Lefty's Lounge said...

Great game ladies!! back to back hat-tricks!! good luck!