Saturday, June 28, 2008

ProZone brings analysis to athletes' lounge

Players and coaches looking for some insight during their off time at the Summer Showcase might want to head over to the ProZone, located inside the athletes' lounge.

The ProZone uses Matchinsight software to analyze performances on the field. Coaches can go to the booth and see what areas their teams need to improve to fair better in the standings. Players can see what skills they need to develop to make the leap to the next level.

While viewing the materials, on-hand professionals can help make sense of all the data and help both players and coaches learn how to make the most of the information.

The ProZone booth uses a flat-screen television to display the software large enough for groups to all get a look at the analysis. While they are in the area, players can check out the displays on the walls that show how Academy stats compare to other national teams and premier club teams.

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