Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Local Attention

Today the U.S. team got its first taste of media attention, with a swarm of reporter descending on today's training. Both television cameras and print media were there to talk to head coach Tony DiCicco and tri-captain Keelin Winters. While this was the team's first experience with media here in Puebla, we expect the attention to increase leading up to the USA-Mexico clash in the final game of Group A on June 22.

Head Coach Tony DiCicco:
On how Puebla has been for the team so far:
Mexico has been awesome for us so far. The people have all been very nice and we love the facilities. It's good for Americans to be in a football culture. I think we're ready. Of course, you always want to be 'more' ready for your first game but I think we're there. We'll see tomorrow.

On the strengths of his team:
I think our team has a lot of depth and a lot of good players. We may not have a 'superstar' but we have a lot of players who can star in any one game. We're going to use the tournament to play a lot of players and hopefully that will work for us.

On Trinidad & Tobago:
I expect Trinidad & Tobago to be athletic and organized defensively. They'll have some speed in their counter-attacks so we're going to have to be very conscious of that.

Midfielder Keelin Winters:
On what the team expects from Trinidad & Tobago:
We're looking forward to getting our tournament underway. We're more focused on how we're going to play than how they're going to be playing. We've been training since January for this tournament so we are all full of anticipation.

On the strengths of the U.S. team:
I think we're ready for a great competition and I think the tournament will provide that. I think that our team will be a part of that.

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