Friday, June 27, 2008

Player's perspective

Michael MacVane, a goalie for Seacoast United (U-16) is entering his final weekend of the Development Academy's inaugural season. It's been a long journey to Greensboro for the Hampton Beach, N.H. resident, filled with long flights and longer delays in the airport thanks to weather and air traffic. We caught up with MacVane after his team's first match to talk about his travels, his future and his experiences with the Development Academy. How did your team deal with the three-hour delay in the airport?
Michael MacVane: We were just all eating, talking and watching the UEFA Cup match (between Spain and Russia).

US: What do you guys do at the hotel at night?
MM: We usually just sit around and eat and watch movies. Last night we watched "The Longest Yard."

US: What's it like to travel around the country to play soccer?
MM: It's a lot of fun. I love traveling and seeing new places.

US: What do you have planned for the weekend off the field?
MM: I'm going to visit some colleges with a couple of the guys on the team.

US: What do you have to do to improve your game to play at the next level?
MM: For me personally, I have to get bigger. And I just have to keep working in goal.

US: What are your thoughts about the Development Academy experience now that the first season is coming to a close?
MM: It's been great. We've definitely become more of a team. We have bonded a lot more. It's been great playing better teams than we've ever played before.

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