Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday's Games Underway

At the Women's Nike Friendlies, each team gets a day off so that team's can focus on playing quality soccer without being worn out. Half of the teams have Friday off, and half of the teams have Saturday off.

Here's a look at today's slate of games:

U-15 Sereno vs. U-15 PDA
U-15 Mustang vs. U-15 Crossfire
U-15 GNT vs. U-17 Irvine Strikers
U-15 Slammers vs. U-15 Real So Cal
U-17 Colorado Rush vs. U-17 Seacoast United
U-17 Real Colorado vs. U-17 FC DELCO

As always, results will be posted here when they come in. The first game should be ending at about noon PT.

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