Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tianjin Arrival - Part Two

The Men's Soccer Team has landed. The reality of being at the Olympic Games has finally hit the U.S. Men's team, thanks to their arrival in Tianjin today. There was quite a crowd there to meet them in the airport, a lot of volunteers and members of the local organizing committee were also there to make sure everything went smoothly with our arrival.

We arrived (along with the Dutch team on the same flight) and hopped on a bus (without the Dutch team) and proceeded to drive straight to the accreditation office. Literally, straight there... do not stop for red lights or worry about other traffic because, well, they closed the roads completely for our journey. Below is a police officer standing in the middle of the highway making sure the coast is clear

That right there is the traffic mess created by our journey. Sorry commuters of Tianjin - we're coming through! (Note: The white van is going in the opposite direction - they let people go the other way).

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