Sunday, August 10, 2008

Stadium Update - We have a ball game!

Sacha Kljestan's 64th Minute strike just leveled the game for the U.S.!!!

The midfielder put forth a great individual effort there, fighting through a few defenders to get into the box alone and the U.S. has drawn even. Kljestan (which was pronounced KA-LA-JESTAN by the Chinese PA announcer here) celebrated his goal with his now-famous karate kick in the corner.

Following the goal, Jozy Altidore came on for Robbie Rogers, and will now be running on the left wing.

Stay tuned!


Krista said...

OMG!!!! Such an awesome goal!!! Finally we scored. If we keep the pressure up we can win this! Wooo hooo!! :)

Amy said...

Way to go Sacha!! And what a sweet ball from Freddy! Come on USA!!

Amy said...


Oh Roy Makaay is injured...riiight.

heckler said...

what an unbelievable run! this game has been a joy to watch!!! great goal!