Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Game Day Approaches

"One World. One Dream."

Today the team held its last training session before their opening match of the Olympics, working on some set pieces and cleaning up a few odds and ends. It was another humid day here in Tianjin, but wasn't as hot as it has been. As the women's tournament kicks off, the Men practiced today at a nice secluded training ground just a few minutes from the hotel.

Tickets were handed out today for friends and families who have made the journey all the way to Tianjin to see their loved ones compete in the Olympics - that must mean game day is getting close!

There are a lot of Moms, Dads, siblings, girlfriends, fiances and wives making the trek across the Pacific. But one player has to have set some sort of record. Goalkeeper Brad Guzan has 19 people coming to see him. 19! People must really like him...

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Elizabeth said...

How special for them to see their son in the Olympics! Do you know if the boys get to march out at the Opening Ceremony?