Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Traffic Signs

Pardon the slight blurriness of these photos, but we were in a moving vehicle... These are various street signs that we passed on the way to training the other day, and we can't figure out exactly what they're trying to say. What do you think?


Malachite said...

First slogan is "When you across the road,care youself."

Second means that "Don't drive when you drink(alcohol)."

Third is..'No litter,please.'and 'Protect our environment'

Dave said...

The first one is obvious. The second one I believe indicates that you and a few buddies should be careful when you sit in a large wine glass, or it may break. The third one obviously means that when you are driving and eating, be sure not to cross your chopsticks or you may spill your food, which is a big nono