Sunday, August 3, 2008

Okay, One More About Today's Arrival

The players got their first taste of the security at the Olympics, going through a tougher security system than some military bases to get into the team hotel. There are a total of eight teams staying here - four men's and four women's, and pretty much no one else can get into this place. The credentials have a bar code on them that is scanned in the driveway of the hotel, and a little green or red light comes up to say whether or not you actually do have access to this building.

Once you get the green light (thankfully, everyone in our delegation did!), you make your way around to the front entrance where they screen your bags as closely as they do at the airport. (Fortunately the 3 oz. liquids rule doesn't apply here.) Then you walk through a very sensitive metal detector and finally enter the building. Armed military police were also seen patrolling the property when we arrived. Bottom line, we're pretty secure.

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Carl said...

Micheal looks like he's in love! haha
He's captured by her!

Anyway, good luck team USA. I believe in you guys!