Thursday, August 7, 2008

In Game Updates from the Stadium - Eighth Minute

U.S. Captain McBride is indeed the oldest since 1992 edition when the new format was approved at Olympics (U23 teams + 3 overaged).

In 2008 competition top three oldest players are:
McBride, Carlos PAVON (HON 09.10.1973) and Gerald SIBON (NED 19.04.1974)

The oldest ever at all Football Olympics since 1908 is still Ricardo PICCININI (Guatemala 07.09.1949) that played at the age of 39 years in 1988 tournament.

Others oldest players in all Olympic Tournaments are:
2. Joseph WILSON (GHA) that played at 38y10months in 1968
3. KIM Yong Sin (KOR) 38y in 1948,
4. Hussein HEGAZI (EGY) 37y7m in 1924
5. Luis LOPEZ (GUA) 37y3m in 1988
6. Kenneth HUNT (GBR)36y6m in 1920,
7. Bernd FRANKE (GER) 36y5m in 1984

That makes McBride 36y2m the eighth

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