Sunday, August 10, 2008

Game Day Two

There she is - Olympic Sports Center Stadium, site of the team's second game of the tournament against the Netherlands, which kicks off tonight. If the USA wins, they're assured of a place in the quarterfinals.

We'll be back with live updates from inside the stadium, so stay tuned. You can watch tonight's game live on the USA Network, at one of U.S. Soccer's Official Bars or follow the action live on's MatchTracker.

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benny206 said...

alright fellers....time to bring it this morning (US time). I can't wait for this match! Its 125am now and I kind of wish you were playing at 2am, but I think my sleeping pattern has finally been adjusted to Beijing time. Argentina v Australia kicks off at 2am then we get it on w/ Holland at 445. Making a coffee run at 330 or so. And for those EPL fans out there, 700am brings us the Community Shield (Man U v Pompey) on FSC, and US Men's Hoop plays China at 715am?! Crazy day of sports...I love it. Only wish it didn't make me feel like a freakin jackass staying up all morning, deprived of sleep, not going out on on a Saturday, etc etc. When will this country ever turn into a soccer nation...I need some company! haha.... kick that ass! peace