Friday, August 8, 2008

Update from the Ceremonies

We know those of you in the States can't watch the Opening Ceremonies live, at least most of you anyway, but let us assure you that the Chinese know how to put on a show. The ceremonial part is just finishing and the athletes are starting to come in for the parade! It will be well worth your time to check out the first part. And, as we mentioned below, the U-S-A marches in at No. 139 of 204 countries. Be sure to wave hi to the boys when you see them!


Roehl Sybing said...

Maybe my eyes are tiring out (it's 11:30PM over here) but I've been watching the ceremonies live and I didn't see any of our guys OR our girls among the American delegation. Here's hoping someone else does a better job than me of spotting them.

Debris said...

I just finished watching the replay of the game vs Japan & I noticed that there was no team crest on the front of the jerseys nor the shorts. What's up with that? I know the Japanese had their team crest on their jerseys. I'm just wondering if it was manufacturing error of some sort, or a specific decision. Could you guys ask around and see what's up please? thanks

cmhoops said...

That should explain it :)

But if you're link-phobic, it basically says that the IOC doesn't allow crests on Olympic uniforms. Some teams do it anyway, but they are subject to fines.


prairie said...

Rohel, can't answer for the dudes, but the reason you didn't see the gals is they weren't there. Since they've got a game in like twelve hours, they watched from their hotel in Qinhuangdao.

Krista said...

Man just watched and didn't see one of them. But its great seeing every country and all the smiles.

Hopefully Studio 90 or one of the guys got it on film.

Go USA. :)