Thursday, August 7, 2008

GOAL USA! 47th Minute

Stuart Holden just opened the scoring for the USA in the 47th minute, giving the Americans a 1-0 lead just after the break!

Holden combined with Marvell Wynne down the right flank. The speedy defender powered through his man and slotted the ball across the box. There, it deflected off a defender right to Holden, who powered a shot on the ground that Nishikawa couldn't handle.

Pretty good celebration there too by the 23-year-old Houston Dynamo midfielder.


Krista said...

That was an awesome goal. Love how they all celebrated. Congrats on the win boys.

Mary said...

omg. i loved his goal!!
it was worth it to get up sooo early to watch the game. =D

Erin said...

Holden representing H-Town! Woo hooo!!!!

Way to go Stu!