Thursday, August 7, 2008

Man of the Hour

Guess who got the loudest reception when he walked into the meal room after tonight's game? We'll give you three guesses....

If one of them wasn't Stuart Holden, please stop reading this blog. You must have gotten here by mistake. The Houston Dynamo midfielder was the man of the hour at the post-match meal after scoring the USA's game-winning goal against Japan, and due to a Studio 90 request for a quick interview just outside meal room he was the last player to walk in, igniting a impromptu round of applause from his teammates, coaches and staff.

Stuart took it in stride even when the lights went out a few minutes later and the hotel staff walked in with a "Congratulation" cake (yes, it said "Congratulation"... no "s") and put it in front of him. Although, he did wimp out when the team started chanting "Speech! Speech! Speech!" Well, truth is if he tried to start to actually say something, they all would have just started cheering...great little game they play - trust us, we know first hand.

Possibly later we'll have a quick video of Stuart getting his "Congratulation" cake, so check back.


M@ said...

An awesome accomplishment from a stellar player.

You've got a lot more work ahead, boys. Here's hoping you can get not only the form, but the results to book passage to the next round.

Eric said...

congratulations on the W!wondered if you could pass along a suggestion to coach nowak...when it's hot and you're playing in bad air conditions you probably want to sub before the 71st minute. also, benny feilhaber and jozy need more minutes. lastly, kljestan was swiss, he let his man run straight through all day. good luck against the dutch!

Jak said...

any word on some video highlights?

shannon said...

congrats!!! im happy for stuart.

it was worth waking up at 355 in the am, good thing my last day of work was tuesday :) now come on and send the dutch home, babel needs to get back to liverpool, and we all want to see you guys make it the podium!!!

Eric said...

i cant believe that comments are filtered so that we cannot express our displeasure with the coaching or play of certain players.

on that note:

jozy needs more minutes
feilhaber needs more minutes
kljestan needs less minutes


jmc7357 said...

Got up at 5am to see you guys play live! Great job coming away with the 3 points, way to stay at it with japan throwing all they had at you. We will be back here cheering for you guys to come home with the GOLD! It won't be easy but I know you can do it!

Eric said...

altidore + feilhaber=gold

keep up the good work fellas.

Stephen said...

Good luck from the USA, boys. Not the prettiest match we've ever seen, but you make your own breaks. Hey, and what about the ridiculous missed offsides calls? Has that Asst. Ref been sent home? Anyone have any info? Beat Holland!