Thursday, November 6, 2008

Allez les Red, White and Blue

Looking back at the USA's draw with France that earned the quarterfinal berth and for sure the Americans put together some of its best attacking soccer of the tournament. If not for a number of excellent shot-stops from the French goalkeeper, the match would not have been so tense. Truth be told, U.S. netminder Taylor Vancil has a few great saves as well, but the USA definitely had the edge in dangerous chances as forwards Vicki DiMartino and Courtney Verloo, as well as flank midfielder Olivia Klei, consistently stretched the French defense. France's goal from distance was one of the best of the tournament, but the USA's team defense was excellent in staying with a wonderful French midfield as well as winning almost everything in the defensive third. A deserved draw? Probably. A deserved advancement for the USA? Most definitely.

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