Saturday, November 15, 2008

Arrival in Auckland

Courtney, Olivia, Julia and Kristie (and Curious George) arrive in Auckland for the Final

The U.S. U-17s traveled from Christchurch to Auckland on Nov. 14, the day after defeating Germany in the dramatic semifinal clash. The players were quite tired after the late night and early morning, but when you are on your way to the World Cup Final, somehow early doesn't seem that early and any flight doesn't seem that long. In fact, the flight from Christchurch to Auckland isn't that long. It's just over an hour. All four semifinalists traveled together on the flight, which can be a bit awkward on the day after emotional games, but the English were extremely friendly, the Germans certainly cordial and the North Koreans, well, they speak little English, but the U.S. players did get a few "hellos" when they tried to say hi to them.

Olivia Klei catches up on some reading in the airport gate area before the USA flew to Auckland

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