Thursday, November 27, 2008

Group of Death, Perhaps?

While every team at the event is tough, it's hard to come up with a tougher first round than pitting Japan, Germany and Canada against each other along with Congo. Japan came out firing and won all three of their matches to take the top place in the group, but Germany and Canada squared off this evening to see who else would advance to the quarterfinals.

After our fabulous Thanksgiving dinner, the team gathered around a big screen to cheer for our neighbors, but our efforts didn't pay off. Incredibly, the CONCACAF Champions were eliminated after their 3-1 loss to Germany and will be heading back up north early.

The other team from our region to advance to Chile - Mexico - also suffered a first-round exit with three losses. So it's up to us to represent CONCACAF!


Eloychito said...

yeah, its sad to know the way of the chilean team finished this tournament, but actually a year ago that girls did anything less play football (did you understand my idea? ahaha), but anyway... go ahead and i hope to see you in the final of world cup, here in Santiago, cause i cant go out the city :(
kisses and luck!

bye bye bye (8)

yanet said...

its great that you guys pass and i know you'll be champs because the U.S. is the best team out there! I would have loved for Mexico to atleast beat Brasil but what can we do. the U.S. is my first team and then i'll root for Mexico
GO USA and be CHAMPS!!!!!