Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Game Day!

Lots of attention from the local papers in Chillan...

The US team during their walk through yesterday at the stadium

You may be wondering why this picture of Alyssa Mautz losing her shoe made the front page... apparently during the ceremonial "first kick" when the stadium opened, the same thing happened. Woops!

Meghan Klingenberg strikes the same pose that famed Chilean forward Marcelo "El Matador" Salas made famous during his goal celebrations. She's trying to be the most popular player at the tournament

And another one of the players during the walk through. We hope they have those same smiles on their faces after today's game!

1 comment:

Unknown said...


That pic of aAlyssa loosing her soes was the same as ou president Michelle Bachellet.

She did the initial kick off on Chillan's stadium and loss her shoe as Ayssa ajaj


Was a pleassure had your team here, Unffortunatelly, i can't see you live, just on tv, but, i'm very happy with your cup.

Bye girls!!