Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Warm Reception

Today the U-20 WNT was invited to the Consejo Ecologica Chillan, a small Nature Museum located not far from Estadio Nelson Oryuzan. We pulled up to the building with our big bus and a security contingent that consisted of no less than four armed policeman plus the people assigned to us full time - surely not a sight that the museum employees are used to. No matter, this is the reception we received getting off the bus by Lucy, the founder of the "consejo" who we later found out had a very impressive resume that included speaking at worldwide environmental summits.

Each player, including Elli Reed got a warm reception from Lucy as they got off the bus

The consejo was a place for underpriviledged children to come and create art while learning about the environment. There were some amazing paintings and other crafts made from recycled material and out back was a huge yard with a greenhouse and a big garden. They also had a stage that was set, and a trio performed some traditional Chilean dances just for us.

Before leaving, each player was invited to write a message on the stone wall in the back, and out front everyone added their handprint to the outside of the building.

Lauren Fowlkes, Kaley Fountain, Nikki Washington

Christine Nairn leaves her mark on the museum

It was a very nice change of pace... the team felt like they were in someone's home. Lucy emotionally told the girls how much it meant that they came to visit, and she had a hard time saying goodbye when we finally had to go. The feeling was definitely mutual. The girls felt like they'd just met a long lost grandmom who wanted nothing more than to take care of them.

And we're pretty sure that the young man teaching Kaley and Channy how to dance... well, he had about the best day of his life.

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cosia said...

hi, i`m volunteer of the fifa world cup in chile, and i saw the training session of the US team and i think that gina di martino is a wonderful player, she is a different player and she deserves her oportunity, I hope that she will play on Sunday, and go USA you are my favorite team to win this world cup.