Friday, November 28, 2008

Regresaramos a Chillan

"It feels like a home game"

That was the general consensus today as the U.S. team pulled up to the hotel that we loved so much in Chillan. We got off the highway after the three hour drive from Temuco and started seeing the familiar sights ... then we got the same warm reception that we did the first time - actually if it's possible, it might have been warmer the second time.

Everyone is in the same rooms as we were before. It really feels like this is our home and Temuco was an away game! We just want to make sure we get the same results as we did here at Estadio Nelson Oryuzan!


bekairos said...

A fellow Cal Bear here, wishing Alex and co. all the best.

Have a great game on Sunday and show the world that that China game was a fluke. Show them that you're not just there to play - you're there to fight.

For country, for glory, for the sport. Go USA!

Cristián said...

hey girls, i am a chilean fan, more exactly, a huge fan from Chillan.
since day 1 you became my favorites (i have watch every match).
Alex Morgan, Alyssa Naeher and Sydney Leroux absolutely rocks, especially alex, she is such a princess, in fact, all you are but alex stole my heart, my best wishes to her. we need fordward and players like you girls in chillan for our team ÑUBLENSE.
hopefully you win this sunday to england, I'll be cheering for you at the stadium.

U.S.A. 3 - England 0


Erwin said...

To whom it may concern:
Assuming you meant to say that you had returned to Chillán, the correct spelling would be: Regresamos a Chillán.

(no need to publish this comment)


Maximiliano Quijada V. said...

here in Chillan we were waiting for you. Tomorrow the stadium will be full i think.
Kisses and good luck girls!! (specially alex, haha)
See ya tomorrow in the Nelson Oyarzun.