Thursday, November 6, 2008

One Tree NZ

Best Friends? Or Frienemies?
Several of the players have been using their ample down time to catch up on the CW's One Tree Hill. The YNT Blog is not familiar with the show (apparently, there's a law saying you can't watch if you're over 18), but the players are so emotionally invested in the show that they seem to think it's actually a real-life situation. Vicki DiMartino and Kristie Mewis are currently plowing their way through Season 3, and DiMartino has some SERIOUS issues with Peyton. "She is in love with Lucas, which is her best friend's boyfriend. She's going to ruin things now. She's so emotional and cries over every little thing. We're like, C'mon. Enough. I really hope Lucas rejects her and says he's in love with Brook." As DiMartino is addicted to the show, she then ran back to her room to watch another episode.

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