Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Security Blotter

There was a lot of action from our security detail today....

-Today at training, we had our first glimpse of two policemen on horseback. We don't think we even need to tell you that it created quite a stir among the team. Thankfully, we were able to make friends with the officers and they let us pet and even ride the horses! Don't worry, it more like a pony ride where they walked us around in a circle.

-Then on the way home from our stadium walk through, one of the police escorting us home was on a motorcycle and he got hit by an SUV! The SUV just crossed into an intersection that our new friend was blocking off and hit him hard enough to knock him and the bike completely over. It was a few minutes until we got to the hotel and could talk to him.

Don't worry - he's okay. He kept telling us 'no problema!' and didn't even have a scratch on him. It was amazing. Surely that wasn't the first time that's ever happened to him, but to not even have a scratch or bruise... That's why we're not police officers - we bruise easily.


cakmar said...

good luck!!!

the hope on Sunday Chillan.

cakmar said...

good luck!!!
far the best of global feminine 2008.

the hope on Sunday Chillán.

Eloychito said...

hey girls!
i already read some of yours articles, and are so funny.

Im so sad for your last game vs China, but anyway... you already are in the second round!

I hope see you here in Santiago (La Florida Stadium), in semi-final and final!
I promise, i`ll be there if you win your matchs!
A big kiss for all your pretty-sweety-beautiful and strong team! (in special a big kiss for the Queen od this Championship... Alex!!! ahahaha)



Mary Jones said...

wow. glad he's okay.

what are you guys thinking after the China game? Obviously, since you are already through it is very important to keep "misses next match if booked" players safe, but losses still hurt. How are you guys feeling? What did Coach Tony say?

And today is Thursday so Group B is all sorted out. :)