Thursday, November 6, 2008

On the road again...

U.S. players check into the hotel in Hamilton

The U.S. team packed up this morning in Auckland and headed back to Hamilton, where it will face South Korea on Nov. 9 at Waikato Stadium for a spot in the semifinals. It was the third time the USA has made the drive (Auckland to Hamilton upon arrival, Hamilton to Auckland for the third group match and back again), so the players had certainly seen the scenery before and most napped, listened to music or watched videos on the 90-minute bus ride. The players were happy to get back to the hotel where they've spent the most time, had some lunch and then had a light training in the afternoon. For once, it wasn't windy in Hamilton, but there was some light rain the afternoon and evening.

It was a beautiful day in Hamilton as the U.S. reserves did a bit of extra fitness

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