Friday, November 21, 2008

Kling and Keelin: Chillin' in Chillan

Hola! Yesterday, we were walking in the park, and some guys recognized us and kicked their ball at us. Cleverly, while they were yelling ‘ESTADIO UNIDOS!” we did tricks. Klingenberg did some great tricks, but she exhausted her arsenal within 30 seconds. Keelin did a cool trick where she had the ball on her head and she kissed it without using her hands. It started out with just four Chileans, and by the time we left it was up to about 30 people there with us. They didn’t yell like that for the Argentineans.

We’ve been watching the Borrne series. Last night we got really mad at Nikki Marshall because we wanted to watch the Bourne Ultimatum and she told us it was too late to start it. It was only 9:30! So we ended up not watching it. But this morning we told her that we watched it without her. Hostility was seeping out of her pores until we finally told her we were just kidding.

Last night we watched “Planet Earth – Sharks.” The shark jumped about 37 feet in the air to eat the seal lion. We pretended that the sea lion was Argentina and the shark was Keelin. We look forward to the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week every year, but this year we were in England! What terrible timing! Mark your calendars for the first week in August though for next year. Due to good timing on a broken nose, Klingenberg actually missed our trip to England and got to watch Shark Week.

Great White Shark - The best video clips are right here

We’ll be back after tomorrow’s game sometime – until then… adios amigos!

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